Welcome to Wood Exporter Mill

Cameroon Timber Company

As a contributor to the creative of new techniques of construction, our mission is in producing the highest standard items are both environmentally friendly and power efficient.
Commitment to delivering an amazing, reputable service is at the core of our firm alongside the delivery of a superior product.
We work with amazing developers, building contractors; self-builders, landowners, and architects providing top standard timber solutions that decrease costly on-site challenges and decrease carbon emissions.
Woodexportermill are the big leading producers of timber frame and timber products for construction.
We are deeply passionate about improving the globe we live today, that is why we are forever building for tomorrow.

Look how we have grown

We are not just about timber. Woodexportermill have forever been innovators, continually pushing the boundaries of material selection. Today, we sit as one of the sectors most recognised suppliers of latest edge materials technologies, including veneers, thermoplastics, veneers, and acrylics. With this breath of product to pick from, your design opportunities are limitless.

It is also the most famous material in the planet for the storage, transport and movement of goods, and one of the important elements in timber being such a liable corporate choice environmentally is its renewability.